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Welcome! It’s a pleasure to meet you!

I'm Joan Jacobs, emotional healing expert, speaker and author.

Over the past 30 years I have helped thousands of people

achieve physical and emotional health.

I consolidated my experience and the secrets I learned over the 

years into a practical guide that will help you make significant

breakthroughs in your life and health condition in 10 simple steps.  

What Will You Get In This Digital Guide*?

1. 10 structured, easy-to-do steps that will help you

significantly relieve physical and emotional

symptoms so that you revive the healthy and

productive person you want to be


2. 6 simple yet powerful techniques to help you

cultivate a positive attitude and inner peace so that

you deal with life's challenges without getting upset

and stressed.  


3.A new perspective on life that will help you benefit from every situation and live your life like a senior chef that creates delicacies out of any raw materials


4.And most important – 3 techniques to implement the tools making them a way

of life, so that you'll never say : "I never apply what I know"!


Who Should Download This Guide?

People suffering from depression, emotional pain or difficulty releasing challenging emotional experiences

Like G.S. who following a personal crisis went into depression that caused him

to lose his job and meaningful relationships and thanks to the guide, recovered

from depression and got his job and social life back


People who experience high levels of stress and anger, costing them significant physical and emotional ramifications

Like R.K. who suffered from stress-related outbursts at her kids who learned

how to monitor stress and as such saved her relationship with her them.


People who suffer from chronic physical or mental conditions and want to heal with minimum use of medication

Like D.M. who suffered from high blood pressure and ulcer who learned how to

manage the stressors in his life, lowered his blood pressure and significantly

reduced abdominal pain so that even his doctor was impressed.

People who want to save significant relationships

Like D.N. that saved her marriage from falling apart by learning how to focus on

the positive aspects of the relationship and develop new beneficial perspectives

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What Clients Are Saying

( To Protect Their Privacy, Personal Details Were Omitted  )  

“I always knew that it’s important to meet the right people in life…

I came to you broken over my father’s death. I searched for help for an entire

year. I went to psychologists’ talked to friends and family but nothing helped.

I was very skeptical when I came to you but after the first session I felt

something different. You were so focused, professional and thorough…

Change came very fast. I’m sleeping better, I learned to accept and live with

my loss. I am truly excited. I thank you for the journey, for the listening and

for the truth you introduce in who you are.” Miri

"I consulted Joan following a prostate operation and was suffering from 

significant enuresis. I was terrified that the enuresis will never stop. I was

also dealing with a severe financial crisis that occurred simultaneously. Fear

of the unknown was overwhelming. I was paralyzed. I couldn't think straight,

make decisions or function in a normal way.

3 sessions that included deep and penetrating questions + remedies had me

back to full functioning in less than 24 hours. The fear and overwhelm

disappeared. The Enuresis deceased by 90% within a week, even though the

medial prognosis was that it would take between 2 months to a year.
Thank You !" Itzhak

“I’ve been noticing so many new things… I’ve been saying things that I never

used to say, mainly not willing to jeopardize my truth. Amazing !” Miki 

“As someone who processes everything through the mind and needs

everything to be logical, intellectually understood and preferably scientifically

based, I found myself in a fascinating, very moving process that both

required and facilitated real change.” Maya

"I was a mother determined to find help for my son suffering from post

traumatic shock. With emotional wounds recent and raw he was not willing to

talk with anyone outside family. Even though she was on the other side of

the world I thought of Joan and decided she may be able to help. Following

each of two sessions, with no interaction on my son's part, I noticed marked

improvement in his attitude after three months of no progress." Eileen

"Throughout the period when I was going through severe anxiety attacks the

sessions and specifically the Bach Flower remedies helped me considerably to

relax and maintain a sense of control over my life". Dorit 

"I  was in treatment for over a year and for the most part was very skeptical.

With that I was very pleased with the results and had to admit the connection

to the sessions. Since then I have recommended this type of therapy to many

of my friends and also took the training course. It was one of the most

beautiful gifts that I could have given myself."  Michal

"I  was angry, uptight and suffered from a combination of physical

symptoms. Most of all I was skeptical. When I had to choose between surgery

or taking plant based remedies, I chose the remedies believing that I would

live to regret the financial investment.  I started feeling change very quickly.

I cancelled the surgery and continued the treatment to full recovery. As an

former skeptic , when I come across skeptics I warmly recommend they

simply give it a try."  Iris

"In the process I went through I started relating to emotions as tools that I

can use to get better acquainted with myself and then promote change. I

realized that all the unpleasant emotions I experienced in the past were not as

monstrous as I thought. In fact they were useful because they helped me

distinguish between what is suitable verses unsuitable for me." Adi

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About The Author

Joan Jacobs is an emotional healing expert, speaker and author with 

30 years experience in individual and group healing processes.

Joan teaches at the Faculty of Health Sciences at The Ben Gurion

University, Israel and has help senior management and teaching

positions at leading colleges of complementary medicine.

Author of Messages From The Soul, 10 Critical Questions, Beyond

Doubt-Unleash the Healing Power of Self - Esteem and Get Your Heart Out Of Your

Plate - Heal Emotional Eating in 21 days.

Joan is also former host of The Light Within Radio Show on Voiceamerica.com 


Note that the guide is a digital guide downloaded as a pdf file* 

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