If You Knew that there was a way to 

Accurately Identify The Connection Between What's Happening In Your Life and

 What's Happening In Your Body,

Resolve Emotional Conflict and Regain Vitality, Wellness and Happiness -

Would You Want To Know What It Is? 

Modern life – styles are becoming more and more stressful and demanding every

day. We lack time and mental availability to observe our emotions, identify negative

emotions and resolve emotional conflicts, even though emotions directly affect our


30 Years of emotional healing have convinced me that the inter-connectedness

between mind & body is systematic and can be mastered to promote emotional and

physical health.

I consolidated the 10 fundamental questions I ask my clients into a book so that

people who wish to explore their inner worlds in a guided and structured way can do


As you will see in readers' testimonies, the questions in this book are powerful  and

provoke profound insight.






(Ebook Format)

How Will You Benefit From 10 Critical Questions? 

1.You will know which specific emotional conflict is associated with your health

condition, with crisis situations you may be going through or other life challenges

you are dealing with.

2.You will identify accurate correlation between specific stress factors and both

emotional and physical pain


3.You will discover what needs healing in your life for your emotional or physical

challenges to resolve


4.You will know how to apply the insights and turn them into results through health –

promoting actions

What's In The Book? 

1.10 profound introspective questions that will focus you on the specific inner aspects

associated with your health condition or with life challenges you're dealing with

2.10 questions that take you one step at a time in a supported process of

introspection that will heal your body, your mind and your life


3.Application exercises for each of the 10 questions- exercises that my clients use to

achieve impressive healing results.

4.Real – life stories where these questions dramatically affected health conditions

that had no medical solution.

5.A follow – up table to help you organize your insights and actions so you can track

your progress.






"How many times does a treatment specialist give you the keys
to the exam room with almost all the tools you will need for a diagnosis,
as well as a detailed explanation of what needs to be done to get the prognosis you want and need? Joan does it here.
While I think you will need Joan's expert advice and guidance on a personal basis in order to actually accomplish the healing path she describes, this really lets you know what the path is.
You will need her expertise to show you how best to walk
the path described within this book, but it is well worth the read and truly eye opening and thought provoking."
Craig Blackman

"After reading this book, I have a new prospective on how to cope with and face new health challenges. I acquired new guidelines by which to understand the processes that influence my health and the questions that need to be asked to set me on the right course to prevention and healing."
Joyce Schneider

"The "Ten Critical Questions" is not only inspirational; moreover,it is a guide with the answers to the questions that need to be asked regarding the importance of mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health
and one's overall well being. Joan asks and answers these questions
with a clarity that can't be denied. This book is more then food for thought
it's a guide for living your best, or optimum mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health."
Sidney Andrews, Author of A Fall to New Heights 

"What a refreshing insight! I love this book a lot.
It's not the first time that I read about the connection between emotions
and body symptoms; however, this book gave me a deeper understanding
of where to search in order to understand what my body is trying to tell me.
It makes complete sense & I love the fact that I am more responsible than I thought when it comes to my health. After these 10 questions I have a lot more to answer myself & I am looking forward to doing it authentically and
to perhaps liberate a symptom that has been unexplained for years.
Thank you for recommending me this book. It is an amazing healing source."
Helen Millman

"This was a great read. Simple, concise, and very practical.
It is a combination health and self-help book that is a quick read.
There are no fluffy filler pages. Joan gets right to it. Love that about it.
Beyond very poignant questions, what makes this delightful little
eBook special are the short assignments after each of the ten questions.
Once the reader chooses to go beyond absorbing easy to understand and useful information, there is the option to engage in assignments,
putting what has just been learned into practice. These assignments are designed to clearly define areas of issue and make "change" reader specific. It's like being your own health coach!
Simple and brilliant = far reaching results."
Eileen McBain


A provocative, eye - opening approach to what is missing in modern medical services, accompanies by tools for practical application. A perfect combination.  Gila W.

For me the book was an awakening. The questions gave me a slap in the face that I could not overlook. I was taken back by all the conflict that surfaced but it also helped me to express myself in a more authentic way. Omri L.  

After reading this book I have a new perspective on how to deal with my health challenges. I acquired new ways of doing things and ways to influence my health. Michael J.

Excellent questions based on real case stories. The importance of identifying emotional factors in relation to physical disease comes across through- out the book . I liked the follow – up table at the end of the book. Lea M.



About The Author

Joan Jacobs is an emotional healing expert, speaker and author with 

30 years experience in individual and group healing processes.

Joan teaches at the Faculty of Health Sciences at The Ben Gurion

University, Israel and has help senior management and teaching

positions at leading colleges of complementary medicine.

Author of Messages From The Soul, 10 Critical Questions, Beyond

Doubt-Unleash the Healing Power of Self - Esteem and Get Your Heart Out Of Your

Plate - Heal Emotional Eating in 21 days.

Joan is also former host of The Light Within Radio Show on Voiceamerica.com 

Customer Support:  support@joan-jacobs.com 

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