If You Knew That There Was A New Way to Interpret and Resolve Health Conditions Reducing The Need For Medications And Other Medical Procedures Would You Want To Know What It Is?   

I know how debilitating and frustrating chronic health conditions can be.

I was there myself.

 I also know that you’ve read many healing and self-help books and have probably

found them useful to varying degrees. 

 With soooooo many books out there, that present such a vast variety of approaches,

methods, theories and advice you may also be overwhelmed and confused as to what

exactly is the right one for you.

 I couldn’t agree more!

 That’s exactly the reason I decided to write a SHORT, CONCISE EASY-TO-

APPLY book that clarifies the main principles of holistic healing and also provides 

structured recommendations and full scripted texts for smooth and easy application.

Messages From The Soul - A Holistic Approach To Healing (Ebook Format) 

How Will Messages From The Soul Change Your Life?

1.You will be introduced to a new way of interpreting the body's language of

symptoms, so that you can address the exact internal contributing factors and

significantly enhance healing even if you are undergoing medical treatment. 

2.You will regain a sense of control over your life because you'll know how to affect

what's going on in your body by realigning what's going on in your mind.

3.You will deal resourcefully with challenges and conflicts because you'll know how to

deal with stress and negative emotions so you won't be overwhelmed and you won't

fall apart.

4.You will have practical exercises for home practice to enhance your overall well-

being so that even on days when you're "down", you'll know how to get yourself back

on track.


What Are Readers Saying?

"As a retired gastroenterologist I am convinced both personally and professionally that thru a combination of conventional and holistic healing, patients with chronic and or life threatening disease can receive the TOTAL care that they need. Having read Ms. Joan Jacobs "Messages From The Soul " I am convinced that the name of the game is "coping " and that the thoughts expressed in this book can prepare and teach one how to cope not only with health conditions but with other life situations that may be unpleasant and stressful, for which no immediate solution is readily apparent." JR MD

"Sometimes people come into your life for a reason. I believe meeting Joan Jacobs had a very specific impact on my life. She reminded me of principles I learned long ago, taught me many important new philosophies and helped me in immeasurable ways. This journey with her has been unforgettable. I urge you to take a deep breath, clear your mind and read this book with an open heart. Messages From The Soul is an incredible way of looking at life and can have a deep and lasting impact on you."Teresa

"Messages From the Soul is professionally written, easy to understand and answers many questions and misunderstandings about Holistic Healing. Makes you want to start on your own journey to personal transformation."
 J.J. Register Nurse R.N.

"Messages from the Soul touched me on two levels. The way Joan addresses the spiritual world is professional and to the point. Her writing style is flowing, fascinating and clear, without resorting to spiritual clichés. This facilitates accessibility and easy application of the practical recommendations. In addition, the story of her personal journey makes the reading intimate and at eye level. I felt as though I was talking to a close friend. I recommend it by all means." Karen

"Messages From The Soul is a beautiful distillation of principles and applications for healing body, mind, soul, and spirit in a way that is easily understood by the lay person and someone new to energy work; at the same time possessing an intellectual rendering equal to serving as a comprehensive bible of reference for coaches, therapists and practitioners from all modalities.

This is a lovely read, written in genuine spirit with love and compassion for her fellow man. Joan encourages and inspires us to work through adversity using the knowledge gained from unwelcomed experiences or unpleasant self-realizations in a way that fosters personal growth and empowerment beyond what we perceive as limitations to living life on our terms.

I highly recommend this for young and old, newbies and the practiced. It's a wonderful gift from Joan's heart and soul to yours."  Eileen M

"I cannot believe how amazingly simple the answers are, but this book makes it clear how to identify the source of ailments (physical, emotional, physiological, it doesn't matter) and how to fix the problem, rather than simply masking the symptoms. It's a stunningly easy read and provides simple instructions to a better life. I cannot recommend it highly enough!" Craig B.

About The Author 

 Joan Jacobs is an emotional healing expert, speaker and author with 

30 years experience in individuals and group healing processes. Joan

Teaches at the Faculty Of Health Sciences at The Ben Gurion

University, Israel and has help senior management

and teaching positions at Colleges of Complementary Medicine. 

Author of Messages From The Soul, 10 Critical Questions, Beyond

Doubt-Unleash the Healing Power of Self - Esteem and Get Your Heart Out Of Your 

Plate - Heal Emotional Eating in 21 days.

Joan is also former host of The Light Within Radio Show on Voiceamerica.com 


"I wrote Messages From The Soul based on my personal healing experience ( which

you’ll read about in the book) and based on 30 years of clinical experience in which I

helped thousands of other people heal form chronic disease too."

"Messages From The Soul is written with YOU in mind and how to make healing

processes as easy and as practical as possible.

The premise is that health conditions are indication of your body trying to tell you

something about yourself or your life. They have a typical language and way of

conveying specific messages in physical form.

 If you learn how to interpret the physical language correctly and agree to act

according to your body’s needs- healing will occur naturally because the underlying

core cause will have been addressed."



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