Imagine How Many Obstacles You Could Over-Come, How Many Break –Throughs You Would Have, How Many Conflicts You Could Resolve and How Many Dreams Would Come True
If Your Self – Esteem Was Unbeatable! 

With thirty years' experience and thousands of people I helped achieve health, success and self – realization, I am convinced that the one most significant cause of the failure to realize one's self is low self – esteem.

-People turn down job and promotion opportunities because they don’t believe they're good enough and fear rejection

-People don't follow their dreams because they fear failure

-People avoid expressing their opinions to avoid criticism and mocking

-People don't ask for what they want because they fear being turned down

-People live with much less than what they want, less than what they need and less than what they're worthy of because they don’t have an inner voice telling them they can have what they want!

The good news is that anyone can build high self – esteem!

You can start asking for what you want and receive it - completely changing your reality!

You can have a job that suits you and work in an environment that honors your skills!

You can create relationships that address your needs and respect your stand-points!

You can achieve social confidence so that you feel comfortable in social gatherings, even with new people!

You can have the confidence to court the opposite gender!


In Beyond Doubt you'll discover how to build unbeatable self – esteem that will allow you to make your dreams come true, achieve your goals and lead your life resourcefully  


(Ebook Format) 

How Will You Benefit From The Book?

1. You'll discover 3 powerful, easy - to - apply techniques that will help you keep a positive attitude and deal resourcefully with conflicts and challenges so that you never feel that life is overwhelming


2.You'll have a tested method for dealing with mistakes and failures so that even when things don’t go like you hoped they would ( because that's how life is sometimes) you'll be able to go on without falling apart


3. You'll learn how to deal with unsupportive people who undermine your confidence so that no one can't take the wind out of your sails


4. And most important – You'll have a plan of action for establishing unbeatable self – esteem so you have a strategy that ensures that no mountain is too high for you to conquer.


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Who Should Read this Book?

- People who feel that their life is passing by, that they could achieve more but the fear of failure paralyzes them 


- People who feel unappreciated in their work environment, that their job doesn’t realize their full potential but they avoid asking for a promotion because they're afraid to be turned down


- People with social anxieties, stage fright, fear of speaking in front of an audience and difficulty courting the opposite gender because they fear rejection and mocking


- People who feel unworthy or inadequate who always think that others are more successful, smarter and more worthy than they are


- People who want to study, open a business or make any other change in their life and give – up on their dreams because they fear failure



About The Author

Joan Jacobs is an emotional healing expert, speaker and author  

with 30 years experience in individual and group healing processes.

Joan teaches at the Faculty of Health Sciences at The Ben Gurion

University, Israel and has help senior management and teaching

positions at leading colleges of complementary medicine.

Author of Messages From The Soul, 10 Critical Questions and

Beyond Doubt-Unleash the Healing Power of Self - Esteem.

Joan is also former host of The Light Within Radio Show on Voiceamerica.com 


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